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The plan is SIMPLE! Follow the ESCAPE plan and transform your health and wellness. For decades we've been following health guidelines that had 0 proof. Low calorie, low fat, exercise more, Lower your LDL cholesterol, blah blah blah. As we followed along, we've gotten fatter and fatter, had MORE heart attacks, skyrocketing rates of diabetes and other chronic illness. We are getting fatter and sicker the more we tow the line! 


The rules to join are simple: 

  1. Be willing to question everything that you know about health and wellness
  2. Listen with an open mind to what I believe is a proven, scientific way to a longer, healthier life!
  3. Then question what you've heard and decide if that makes sense to you!
  4. Implement the plan
  5. Feel better, reduce your medications, lose weight, and enjoy life!


That's our goal!

You have questions? Great, you should!

Is the community free?

For a limited time the community is free, but as it grows, your plan will be grandfathered in and will always remain free. Some premium features may be added in the future that may be part of other plans or add ons. This is unknown at the moment and will be driven by demand. You will never pay for functionality you previously had access to in your plan. 

What is the ESCAPE plan?

The ESCAPE plan is a proven way to give you the best chance of escaping illness and disease as well as lose weight. Do you know what the real reason is for obesity? What about illness and disease? 

ESCAPE is an acronym for the 6 building blocks (I call them health shields) you'll learn within the program. They are essentially the steps you need to implement in your life! The plan is SIMPLE, but notice I didn't say easy! But we've discovered that by making small simple changes over time, it actually is easy. Yes, you can jump in all at once as well. Whatever floats your boat!

What's Included?

As of now, (well, on launch date of January 5th) it includes the following with much more coming as we move forward!

  • A complete simple lifestyle program that is shown to give you the best chance of becoming healthier, reducing your medications, avoiding chronic disease and illness, and of course, to lose weight!
  • A getting started private video call with John to make sure you understand what you need to do and to personalize your program for your needs.
  • Check in sessions will be allowed as needed and will be limited to every other month for free.
  • Weekly LIVE online meetings starting with an overview on January 5th. (All group meetings will be recorded and posted for future use by you or others as they join) Attending the meetings LIVE means I can gear it a little better towards your needs and there will be Q&A, but you can always view the recording if you can't make it.
  • It includes our own social media community we are calling a TRIBE. Just like your typical social media, you can post, comment, like, ask questions, get motivation, and more.
  • As the tribe (and needs) grows, we will be implementing groups where you can segment off for your special needs such as a cancer group, diabetes group, etc... We will start out with just a few in the beginning!
  • All posts will be marked with topics so posts will be easy to find and you can follow the topics like you would follow a page or person on facebook so you make sure you get notified of new posting.
  • A community (and a coach) that will be there every step of the way for you for anything life throws at you. Why? Because you health and wellness is intermingled in EVERY aspect of your life. Not just food.
  • Prizes will be given for those that help and motivate, (a point system is included) and those that do well with their personal goals and habit changes.
  • We even have virtual currency that you earn to spend on Sensei Swag!
  • Q&A area of the community for asking for help
  • A complete eating plan and a recipe group to help
  • Much more coming soon
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